Key Components to a Long Lasting Qualtiy Sign

Points of Differentiation on LED Signs

1. Brightness value of  10,000 NITS.  This creates a longer life span.  All diodes experience degradation (dimming)  by 20% in the first 2-3 years.  If you purchase a 3-5,000 NIT unit, you will not be able to read it during time when the sun is bearing down on the face of the sign.  This is called "washout".  In simple terms, the signs diodes are not brighter than the sun! 
2. NEMA rated cabinet of IP/65 or IP/59.  This identifies and reduces the size of dust debris and water that can get into the unit. Without a good cabinet, the sign could be destroyed by water and debris.  Purchasing a display with a NEMA cabinet is paramount to having a long lasting sign.  
3. Cabinet exterior. (NOT powder coating) Automobile type paint that will stay looking great for years and years.  
4. Conformal coating on the interior panels.  This is a high grade silicone sealant that is sprayed on the back sides of the diode panels.  This coating covers all of the welds and stops corrosion!  Not all LED sign manufacturers, provide this component.  Some charge extra for it.  Always examine the "INSIDE" of the display.  You can touch, feel and see the difference.  If heavy conformal coating is absent, the lifespan of the display will be severely limited  
5. Locking ribbon cables.  You have seen signs with black squares on them?  Data is not being delivered to the panels because the ribbon cables have come loose! High grade cables with locks prevents the cables from coming loose due to vibration from traffic, wind and storms.  
6. Stay away from "Virtual" LED signs!  These signs remove 25-40% of the diodes on the board and claim to refresh the image so fast it's as if they were there!  Hence the name VIRTUAL. 
7. Thermostatically controlled based fan system.  Heat is the number 1 killer of LED displays.  Make sure there are several fans delivering excellent circulation to the unit.  Like other electronic devices, if they overheat, they shut down!  LED sign MUST have excellent circulation to run without incident. 
8. Always look under the hood!  Evaluate the INSIDE of the display!  Make sure a good  fan system is in place. Look for clean organization.  Check for conformal coating on the back of the diode panels. Look for filters on all air intakes.  
9. Content creation for the life of the display is part of our program!  We will never cap or charge for content (commercials) for your sign!  Our art department ensures our clients professional content that will boost business, attendance, and awareness in your community.    
10. Parts cache.  Spare parts are included in every sign for easier quicker repair if needed. (see pg, 2)